Fire guts Notre Cathedral in Paris, Fire. Getty Images

French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday evening vowed to rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral after it was ravaged in the fire, leaving the country in shock over the extensive damage to one of the nation’s most iconic landmarks.

The blaze raged for more than four hours before Macron declared the two bell towers and facade had been saved.

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Macron said: “We will rebuild Notre-Dame because that’s what the French people want,” said Macron, who was visibly moved. “That’s what our history deserves, because that is our destiny.”

It was gathered that flames had engulfed the roof, snaking up the ornate spire before it collapsed as smoke billowed out into the evening skyline of the French capital.

The historic church, located on one of two islands in the middle of the Seine River, had been under renovation and scaffolding had covered much of the top structure.

French Deputy Interior Minister Laurent Nunez said it’s too early to say what caused the fire while Paris prosecutors have opened an investigation, adding that around 500 firefighters battled the inferno.

“Fire risk being now removed, it’s now about the building itself,” deputy interior minister Laurent Nunes said early Tuesday morning after visiting the iconic 850-year-old Gothic monument. Firemen were still hosing the south side of the transept, and a district around the cathedral was sealed, as military and police patrolled the area. Experts will meet as early as 8 a.m. local time to determine if the building structure is stable and if firemen can now work inside to cool the building, Nunez said.

Concise News said the catastrophic fire that ripped through the Cathedral seriously damaged large parts of the structure is now under control but still not completely extinguished.