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Why You Should Always Kiss & Cuddle After Sex – Expert

In a new blog, sex psychologist, Dr Justin Lehmiller reveals the benefits of spooning (kissing and cuddling) after sex, Concise News reports.

He says: “The more that couples spoon or otherwise express affection or intimacy after sex, the happier they tend to be.”

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Dr Lehmiller highlights a recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, which surveyed 138 men and 197 women in relationships about their sex lives.

Participants were surveyed about the amount of time they spent on foreplay, sex and ‘after-sex affection’, as well as how satisfied they were in their sex lives and relationships.

The results reveal that people who spent more time on post-sex affection were more satisfied with their sex lives, as well as their relationships.

Dr Lehmiller says: “What these studies suggest is that the more time couples spend spooning or otherwise being intimate after sex, the happier they are.

“Of course, the reverse causality is also possible, meaning that perhaps being in a happy relationship causes couples to spoon.

“However, odds are that we’re talking about a feedback loop here, in which being happy increases the likelihood of spooning and cuddling, which further increases happiness and so on.”