SARS operative

A video of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) officers assaulting a young trader in Ogba, Lagos for allegedly refusing to unlock his phone has gone viral.

In a video posted online, the young man could be heard yelling, “I know my rights! You want money,” at the beginning of the one-minute video, just seconds before an officer retrieved a heavy plank of wood from what appeared to be the unit’s white van and then hit the man with it.

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When the young man pointed at the officer and said, “You will see!”, a second officer followed up with two slaps to the protesting young man’s face.

The first officer then hit him with the plank two more times before retreating to the van while the young man tried to make a call on the phone.

The second officer then egged the young man on to, “Call who you wan (want to) call” before slapping him two more times.

“You dey craze? Call the person,” the second officer said in anger as he continued to shove the young man. The angry first officer then returned from the van to hit him three more times with the plank while a couple of people pleaded on his behalf.

But the second officer could be heard in the video telling the young man to report at Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (FCIID), Alagbon which is located in Lagos, presumably to retrieve his phone.