Mofe Duncan Loses Three-Year-Old Marriage
Mofe Duncan and wife. Photo credit: Instagram.

The 3-year-old marriage of Nollywood actor, Mofe Duncan to Indian wife, Jessica has crashed, a report confirmed by his wife on social media.

The revelation came after she was asked by an unidentified person if she plans on getting married again when the right man comes.

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Jessica replied saying “not anymore”

The couple had the pillars of their marriage shaken recently after a leaked chat showed the actor flirting online with a lady known as Zainab.

Following the speculation about their marriage breakage, the actor also confirmed the development through a statement released on Friday, 12th of April.

Mofe in his statement appreciated every individual who has been checking up on him through various means.

“I thank you all who have shown concern and sent prayers and messages, and may God repay such kindness. My marriage has been over for over a year as I have remained cordial with both families and would continue to remain cordial as God continues to guide me.

My family & I were waiting for the right time to make an official statement but social media has it’s own way of doing things. My family is doing well and I am doing well as I have moved on with my life and my career and I appreciate all the support shown. Thank you and God bless you all,” he said.