Man Who 'Stabbed Wife To Death Was Worried About Size Of His Penis' (Loop Jamaica)
Man Who ‘Stabbed Wife To Death Was Worried About Size Of His Penis’ (Loop Jamaica)

A university staff suspected of taking the life of his wife before killing himself was concerned about the size of his organ, a probe heard on Wednesday.

Concise News reports that Tom Kemp, 32, believed work colleagues were whispering and joking about his small penis.

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Kemp was believed to have repeatedly raised his concerns about the problem to doctors and nurses for mental health treatment.

Also, Kemp confessed to wife Katie, 32, that he paid to visit four prostitutes in a bid to seek reassurance from them.

He was found dead with knife cuts to his neck and main body part after falling 25ft from the couple’s second-floor flat.

When police forcefully entered the house, they discovered Katie dead with 28 knife wounds.

She was found in a “pool of blood” and also had defensive injuries to her hands.

GP Dr Michael McCullagh told the investigation about an incident in his surgery when Kemp threw himself on the floor and said he wanted to commit suicide.

Dr McCullagh adds: “He had a lot of issues and psychological problems. His perception of the size of his genitalia had become a mental obsession.

“He believed he was being bullied about it at work. He could not sleep and felt deeply guilty and more depressed.”

Kemp told medical professionals that mockeries about his small penis began when he was 17 years old.

One mental health nurse found he had become “anxious and paranoid” and displayed obsessive traits and tendencies.

Another mental health nurse Julie Murphy says in a statement: “The impression was he was suffering from high-level anxiety and a distorted view about the size of his penis.

“It had impacted on his well being for some time and resulted in him using escorts. He felt better about talking over his problems.

“We felt he would lose his relationship with his wife, should she become aware of his full use of escorts.”

Furthermore, Suffolk Coroner’s Court in Ipswich heard Katie had constantly tried to calm her husband about the issue.

The couple was found dead on August 6 last year at their home in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Police revealed at the time that Katie’s death was being treated as murder and her husband’s death was not suspicious.

Kemp’s dad John Kemp said in a statement that his son had suffered from low self-esteem, but “thought the world” of his wife.

He adds: “I found his mental health problems hard and didn’t want to accept that there was anything wrong with my boy.”

John Kemp adds that he was in “complete shock and disbelief” about the deaths of his son and his wife.

He says: “I don’t believe he would have killed her. They idolised each other. If he wanted to do it, I think she’d have wanted to go to.”

Meanwhile, Kemp’s mum Marian Mitchell says in a statement that her son had once told her that “living with mental health issues was a living hell”.

When she last spoke to him four days before his death he said he had not slept for three days.

Mrs Mitchell says that her son was strongly infatuated with his wife.

She adds: “It was horrible thinking they had both gone and Tom had been the reason.”

The hearing, which is expected to last at least four days, continues.