See What Women's Nakedness Does To Popular Ghanaian Prophet
Prophet Kumchacha

The founder and Leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Kumchacha, has made a confession about his obsession with nakedness of women.

Concise News understands that due to the prophet’s obsession, he had to hide behind bathrooms just to watch ladies take baths.

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He bragged that he is an expert when it comes to stretching his neck to the desired angle to watch women while they wash down in the bathroom.

He said, “At my hometown in Akyem, I was so notorious for hiding behind bathrooms and watching the nakedness of women when they were bathing, to the extent that I earned a nickname for it.”

He added that he might fall flat if a woman tempts him for sexual intercourse because he is a mere mortal with emotions.

“Even if I’m a ‘Man of God’, know that I’m a man first before God comes into the equation, so if you tempt me that way, I may fall,” he summed up.