Sammie Okposo Reveals Why He Slammed Akpororo
Sammie Okposo & Akpororo

Top gospel artiste, Sammie Okposo, has explained why he lambasted Akpororo after taking off his shirt while performing at a street praise event last year.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, Okposo said there were rules guiding gospel music and Akpororo crossed the line. He stated, “I really don’t want to go into that any longer. In the kingdom of God, there are certain things you cannot do, notwithstanding the swagger you want to adopt.

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“Have you ever been to a church and the person leading praise and worship or the choir members were dressed inappropriately? I was hard on Akpororo because of the relationship that I share with him. I have always supported him; so, it was my duty to say that he went too far. There is a way I will dress and it will send a wrong message to people.

“Even before I start to minister, those people would be put off already because of my appearance. Also, we should not forget that we have elderly people in the church who don’t tolerate certain things.”

Okposo, however, admitted that he loved Akpororo’s “craziness” and he saw a bit of his personality in him.

“I have taken Akpororo to my shows abroad and I support his events. But I felt pulling off his shirt during a praise and worship session was not needed and the media made a meal of it.

“Meanwhile, he reached out to me and admitted that he indeed crossed the line. If I didn’t say anything, then I wouldn’t have done well because I consider him a family member,” he added.

On giving back to society, Okposo noted that everyone had their different callings and he was not the type to blow his own trumpet. He stated, “I have done many things for young artistes but I decided not to publish them. I am called for a different purpose.”