This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Consume Too Much Carbonated Drinks. Daily Star
This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Consume Too Much Carbonated Drinks. Daily Star

A Health and Wellness Advocate, Chiamaka Oragwu, has cautioned the public against too much consumption of carbonated drinks, saying it destroys the body system.

Concise news reports that Oragwu advised people to include fresh juicing into their meals to get the required nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy.

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Oragwu, the Founder, Green Essence Healthy Lifestyle, a health and wellness company, gave the advice in an interview with NAN on Saturday in Lagos.

She was reacting to a recent report by a medical journal, The Lancet, which says globally, one in five deaths was associated with poor diet.

Also, The Lancet states that globally, one in five deaths, that is 11 million deaths in 2017, was associated with poor diet, with cardiovascular disease being the biggest contributor, followed by cancers and Type 2 diabetes.

“The largest shortfalls in global consumption were seen for foods such as nuts and seeds, milk, and whole grains, while sugary drinks, processed meat and sodium were overeaten,” the journal states.

“The largest number of diet-related deaths were associated with eating too much sodium, not enough whole grains and not enough fruits.”

Oragwu explained: “Your body will assimilate more nutrients from drinking fresh juice as against carbonated drinks; the latter actually destroys your body.

“Fresh juices also boost your body’s metabolism; keeps you active, gives energy; it has a lot of health benefits.”

She said that although many people were overfed, yet they were undernourished.

According to her, eating three square meals daily does not guarantee getting the daily requirements of nutrients the body needs.

“When we eat our meals daily, we think we are eating right; however, we lose a lot of nutrients in the process, because many times we overcook our food,” she added.

“So, what we advocate is for people to start juicing; for example, when you juice varieties of five fruits and vegetables, the nutrients you get is more than the nutrient you get from other food class.”

Furthermore, the health expert said it was best to take the juice first in the morning before any meal to get the benefits that include nutrients.

“Every single day, before any meal, take at least 500 milligrammes of freshly squeezed juice for the required daily health benefits,” she advised.

She urged stakeholders in the health sector to address the issue of food security to ensure that people were eating right and getting the nutrients they needed to live healthy lives free of diseases.