Truck Crashes Off Bridge As Driver Falls Asleep While Driving (Video)
Truck Crashes Off Bridge As Driver Falls Asleep While Driving (Video)

A driver was lucky to escape with only minor injuries after falling asleep at the wheel of a large tanker truck and driving off a bridge in a dramatic accident captured on video.

Concise News reports that on Tuesday, the Grand Prairie Fire Department shared on Facebook roadside CCTV footage showing a tanker truck barreling over the side of the Interstate 30 overpass at MacArthur Boulevard in Grand Prairie, Texas earlier that morning.

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As the truck crashes over a barrier underneath the bridge, the hood of the vehicle falls onto the roadway below.

The Grand Prairie Fire Department says the driver was released from the hospital with only “minor abrasions” the same day of the accident.

The tanker was fuelled by compressed natural gas which bled into the air, the fire department says explaining that it was not considered a hazardous incident and evacuations were not necessary.

The fire department says police determined the driver fell asleep before the truck went off the bridge.

The truck driver is facing a charge of failure to maintain proper control, according to the Grand Prairie Police Department.

Watch video below: