Laura Ikeji Reveals Why Her Bestie Did Not Call Her After Engagement

Fashion blogger and brand influencer Laura Ikeji has revealed that her best friend did not congratulate her when she got engaged.

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Laura wrote on her Instagram page that everybody that smiles or jokes with one may not truly be a genuine friend.

She said it was after two years she received her bestie’s call.

“So I had this one best friend, who lived with me and eventually moved out when she got her own spot. Every time this lady will tell me how she can’t wait for me to find my Mr right and how she wishes me a happy fairytale ending. So one beautiful evening I left the store to go meet my man and that evening I got engaged,” she wrote.

“I got calls from all over the world, everyone called me except the bestie I left 30 mins ago. She didn’t call me till after 2 years. LOL. We re cordial now but dang she didn’t call for 2 years and well I didn’t call neither. Thing is, not everyone who wishes u well actually wishes u well. Think about it hun.”