Omotola Jalade Nollywood directors
Nigeria Need A Revolution, Says Omotola Jalade Ekeinde. Photo courtesy: Instagram

Nollywood star, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, has lamented the level of insecurity in the country and called for a state of emergency in troubled areas.

Concise News reports that the respected on-screen personality also says she believes Nigeria needs some kind of ‘revolution’ to get better.

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The 41-year-old actress said this while fielding questions from her fans in a tweet chat, #Osexyfriday, on Friday.

“I am appealing to the government to immediately see to the rising rate of depression, suicide, police brutality, ritual killings and general lack of safety in the Country. It’s at an all-time high now, there should be a state of emergency declared,” Omotola says while tackling some pertinent questions.

Asked why she did not openly support any presidential candidate in the last election, the actress explains that while she spoke in favour of some non-established candidates, they started their campaigns late.

“They all started late, I knew their chances were very slim. However, I did advice choosing from the new pool of presidential hopefuls,” Omotola says.

The actress, who is also actively involved in activism and charity, also adds that she did not think her support for any candidate could have made any difference.

Furthermore, the mother-of-four advocates for concerted efforts towards nation building.

“I totally understand, however, Excuses won’t move us forward. We must be Angry enough and divert our Anger towards looking for real change. We need to know the use of political offices, ask questions and engage the leaders.

“I hope soon we birth a Jerry Rawlins or something of that kind. We do need a revolution. Nigeria is too big and important for it to implode. However, there are still honest people. Don’t be discouraged,” she states.
Away from national issues, the actress-cum-singer also cautions against compromising career for a life partner.
“A lot lies on your “choice” of a spouse. Are they understanding, mature minded and supportive?


“Your spouse needs to be your career partner, knowing it’s both of you against the world. If not, it’s a rocky ride ahead. However, don’t compromise your career, it’s your sanity.”

Asked what her biggest advice to a young person who has just come of age, she says, “I’ll say, don’t become a stranger. You’re becoming independent not escaping incarceration. Be realistic. Have a budget and still keep in touch with the big P. They love you.”