Real Madrid vs Barcelona: Barca Didn't Play Well, Says Valverde
La Liga Not Won Yet, Warns Valverde

Despite a comfortable lead atop the La Liga Santander table, Ernesto Valverde is not getting carried away by Barcelona‘s wide advantage.

Concise News reports that Barcelona have previously allowed leads like this to slip. While it still looks unlikely for it to happen this season, Valverde is not taking his eye off the ball.

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“Three years ago after 29 matches Barcelona had eight more points than Atletico and 12 more than Real Madrid,” he says.

“Four games later, they were level with Atletico and had one more than Madrid.

“These things can happen to us or anyone.”

Espanyol played for a point at the Camp Nou, lining up with five at the back and Valverde admits it made their lives difficult.

“They were very supportive, together and close to their area,” he says.

“Being so deep is hard because there’s no space to penetrate.

“When the opponents are open we have more options. A lot of teams play with five at the back against us and we haven’t done too badly.”

Barca will continue to challenge on all fronts and the coach explains that everyone will be rotated.

“Taking the schedule into account, we have to rest everyone,” he notes.

“The matches are close together, so we’ll see if Messi rests or not.”