'Bankable Creditor' Escape Club Owner Hails Davido
Davido pays tribute to DJ Olu. Source: Instagram.

Richard Nnadi, the owner of Popular club Escape Lagos, has regarded DWM boss Davido as a “Bankable Creditor,” for paying the debt he owed his club.

Nnadi had shared a video lamenting that top artistes are owing him up to N120 million – a debt he said led to the collapse of his nightclub.

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He took to his Instagram page on Friday to share a transcript of an old conversation he had with Davido, narrating how the singer settled a debt of N2,000,000 on March 10, 2017.

“Good evening everyone as much as April 1st will be a day of judgment on debtors who ran down my business…. I want to appreciate this man right here @davidoofficial this is what I call bankable credit!” Nnadi wrote.

“He might be too energetic and people take for him being rude but he pays his bills and genuinely supports not just individuals but businesses like mine!

“Ladies and gentlemen it’s customer appreciation day!

“I wish I could do something to support you in your wanting to break the charts cos brother you have supported me even when there was no light in my club and for that brother you have my respect and gratitude.”

Nnadi has, however, vowed to publish names of debtors on April 1, and how much they are owing Escape Lagos.