Watch As Monkeys Invade Hospital, Steal Food From Patients

A troop of vervet monkeys invaded a South Africa hospital in Durban to steal food from patients.

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Concise News learnt that the Monkeys were displaced from their inhabitant in the forest after a hospital was built in the environment.

According to Daily Mail, the vervet monkeys began targeting the RK Khan Hospital in Durban before 2018 Christmas, entering through windows which had been left open.

Video taken from one of the wards shows the monkeys running along curtain rails above the beds and scampering along the floor, leaving patients in despair.

But still, the vervets break in daily and bring fear to patients, many of whom are seriously ill.

The 543-bed flagship hospital was built on the site of a forest where the monkeys used to live.

South Africa’s Health Minister RK Khan Hospital said, “We must find an immediate solution and I no longer want to see monkeys in the premises.”

Watch Video Below: