Benue Governor, Ortom Reacts To Policemen Alleged Murder Of NSCDC Personnel, Benue news online
Benue Governor, Ortom Reacts To Policemen Alleged Murder Of NSCDC Personnel

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue has said it was the people of the State that made him win re-election, Concise News reports.

This online news medium understands that Ortom earlier this week emerged the winner of the Benue State governorship election.

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He beat Jime Emmanuel of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to claim the seat for a second term.

Speaking on Radio Benue on Friday, Ortom said he will carry everyone in the state along in his second stint.

“Of course everybody is a stakeholder in course of governance, consultations will be made and that is what I’m set to do,” he said.

“I have always said that my own definition of democracy is doing what the people want irrespective of what you the leader thinks. You should do consultations with the people.

“One thing I must assure Benue people is that adequate consultations must be made and we must ensure in whatever we doing that we must be truthful to the people we will ensure equity, fairness and justice in all that we do.

“We will ensure transparency, we will be selfless in the course of our service. We must ensure forgiveness for one another.

“We will ensure that we reconcile with one another, we will ensure there is restitution where there is need to do so all geared towards bringing the people together and unite them. Once we are united as a people development will be inevitable.”