Police Reportedly Injures Man Over N100 Bribe
Armed Police/File

A man identified as MC Taproot has through his Social media revealed how he was reportedly injured by a member of Nigeria Police Force.

Concise News gathered that he shared a photo of the injury, saying that a “corrupt” Nigerian police officer allegedly inflicted on him over refusal to hand over a N100 bribe.

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MC Taproot said he was in a car along Obilubi by Capitol junction, from Orji road to Ikeduru, Imo state, when a police officer stopped the driver of the car and asked for a bribe of N100.

When the driver refused to oblige, the officer allegedly smashed the side mirror of the car and the shards from the broken glass tore MC Taproot’s face

He wrote, “…And this is a police officer operating along Obilubi by Capitol junction ( Orji road to Ikeduru) with name Candy Bole as seen on his name crest.

“Because a driver of the car I was inside could not complied with his #100 demand, he has to hit the side mirror which broke and got me several wounds on my face.

“And I ask, is police meant to destroy or rather harm citizens just because of money was not meant available to them?

“I have forgiven him, and have gone on with my business after the treatment but my worries..

“He never showed remours to his actions even when his colleagues condemned his actions and he even threatened to shoot me to death, which got me angry that I almost fought him, but remembering he was wearing a national uniform I kept my head cool and the people around confirmed it has always been his actions.

“I plead that If this ever get to the authorities, I want him to be stopped so that other innocent citizens don’t suffer same faith or him gunning an innocent citizen down someday.”