9th National Assembly: APC Rep From Abia Declares For Speaker (Image Credit: skynewsngr.com)
9th National Assembly: Adamawa Rep Joins Speakership Race (Image Credit: skynewsngr.com)

The Spokesman of the House of Representatives, Abdulrazak Namdas (APC-Adamawa), has declared his intention to run for the office of the Speaker in the 9th Assembly.

Concise News reports that Namdas, who made the declaration on Tuesday in Abuja, says that although the challenges could be enormous, he offers himself for the office of the speaker.

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“I have the legislative experience having been the spokesman for the house in the last four years; I have what it takes to lead the house as the speaker,” Namdas says.

Namdas congratulates President Muhammadu Buhari on his re-election and all members-elect on their victory at the polls.

He enjoins members-elect to put the nation first in all they were doing.

Furthermore, Namdas says if elected speaker, he would ensure gender equity and fairness in the 9th Assembly.

While promising to work with the executive, Namdas states that the independence of the legislature shall not be compromised under his watch.

He appeals to his colleagues to team up and invest in him to produce a speaker for all and a speaker for Nigeria.

In a goodwill message, Honourable Abdulrahman Shaibu (APC-Adamawa), advises the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), to consult widely before zoning principal offices at the National Assembly.

Shaibu says that members should be allowed to choose their leaders as they knew themselves better than the party.

“Let us not allow what happened in 2015 to repeat itself; lawmakers know who will best represent their interests,” he says.

Namdas would be returning to the house for the second time after emerging victorious at the polls.