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Fast-rising Agritech startup, EZ-Farming has assured that its strategic agribusiness model of rapidly scaling small farms into commercial sizes and equipping the next generation of farmers.

It has opened also up new opportunities for investment in the sector, with the firm pledging the highest return on investment (ROI) and best insurance cover for various packages in the Agritech space.

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The firm added that its goal is to be the best platform for investors in Africa’s Agritech space to grow their money, adding that EZ-Farming is different from other platforms because of its focus on commercial farming, which allows for high ROI.

This is as EZ-Farming has won the first prize of $5000 and the peoples’ choice award at the 2019 Georgetown African Business Conference New Venture Competition, hosted by the Young African Professionals in Washington DC, at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

The founder of EZ-Farming, Adewale Oparinde, said that the feat is another testament to the work put in by the Agritech startup in firming up the base for the investments in Nigeria’s agricultural sector.

According to him, “We are really delighted to have won the contest here in Washington DC. It is our first outing after several months of inventing our business model to meet the demands and dynamics of the market. We took our time since 2015 to conduct thorough research in designing our business model.

“It is one thing to design a website or an app with a proposition connecting farmers to sponsors; it is another thing to fully and technically understand the agricultural space.

“As you will notice on our website, our team members have vast experience in the space. It is important to us that we build a sustainable business that is most trusted by our investor community and which can last beyond the current era of hype.”

“We are a platform beyond money, investor and farmer. Currently, senior citizens dominate African farming community but there is no existing platform connecting the old and the young for an intergenerational transfer of knowledge, to create the next generation of farmers.

“Likewise, several land and facility owners across the continent have fallowed land or extra spaces under-utilized or un-utilized.

“We also connect our farmers and value chain actors to land and extra spaces, therefore, making us an excellent platform for people to monetize their resources,” he added.

Dr. Adewale said that EZ-Farming is the first Agritech intergenerational platform crowdfunding to scale small farms into commercial sizes while connecting unemployed youth with experienced farmers via internships-and-funds to start their own farms.

Reiterating that the platform has one of the highest ROIs across various investment options in the Agritech space, he said that this was made possible by EZ-Farming’s unique model that uses data to identify the best of the best farmers who have potential to go to scale and especially our peculiar financial engineering framework and a commitment to sharing great proceeds with our investors.

According to him, “It is also made possible by a model that guarantees that farmers adopt up-to-date Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), making their them export-ready.

“Do not forget that we have extensive knowledge in this sector as I have worked with different farmers across continents as a researcher and economist who have studied various profitability profiles over the years. So, our ROI is only a reflection of our core competitive advantage in the sector.”

Speaking further on the win at Georgetown University, Adewale said that the outing is a validation of the soundness of the EZ-Farming model.

He noted: “This was our first outing and we carried the day. The glory goes first to our farmers and to our investors in Africa and the diaspora, who appreciate the work we do and have reposed confidence in our model.

“Recently, we pre-launched our Sierra Leone operation and the response has been excellent. We are constantly working to scale our operations and this is the kind of confidence-booster that we need.”

He added that new investment packages are opening every day on the EZ-Farming platform as they are rapidly growing their farming community, which provides exciting investment opportunities and new offers, such as those for herds of goats and cucumber which come with EZ-Farming’s impressive ROIs.

“This is one of the new things we are bringing on board. We are providing flexible and tested investment options for investors.

“The goat herds and cucumber are a new addition. The poultry is also doing really well. So, we are exploring the full agriculture spectrum,” he said.