Why I Couldn’t End The IG Live Video With Etinosa - MC Galaxy
Etinosa and MC Galaxy

Singer Mc Galaxy has reacted to the controversy trailing his Live video session with Instagram comedian Etinosa Idemudia.

Concise News had earlier reported how the Edo damsel went naked when the duo had an Instagram live video session on Friday night.

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Etinosa, when she appeared on the Live Video, said, “I want to get naked. My boyfriend is here, I want him to go so that I can get naked. Guys hold on let me lock the door.

“I know that my boyfriend has logged on to check what is going on, thunder will fire my boyfriend because I am ready to end the relationship. I am not joking, we have broken up. Every day, I am sorry. I am tired of living my life for people. I want to live my life for me to be happy. Sorry viewers, I have a pot belly.

“MC if I slap you, open your eyes you dey craze. If you cut it (the call) I will cut you in life. Is it your body? It’s my body I want to exhibit my body. I want to be expressing my body. Some people are calling my phone, I want to be happy, my body is beautiful. I am comfortable showing my naked body. I am happy with my nakedness.”

Speaking in an exclusive chat with LIB, Mc Galaxy explained why he couldn’t end the session when Etinosa started removing her clothes.

”My conscience knows I am innocent. Anytime people call on video now, I ensure I tell them to please don’t go naked. I keep saying it on phone when I am doing my live video.

“When you call, I don’t expect you to go naked. Just do anything to have fun. If you want to market your brand, fine. Sometimes, some people just call in to just go nut. I don’t ask anybody to call in naked and I will never ask anybody to call in naked.”

Asked why he did not end the video when Etinosa, who he knows is popular, was about to go naked, the singer said: ”If you watched that video, I was blocking my eyes. I couldn’t even watch it. I even told her bye and she said if I cut the call, I will kill you, so at a point, I didn’t want it to feel like I was embarrassing her. She is a celebrity and I cannot just cut off the call. I just had to cover my face.”