Activist Retrieves 14-Years-Old Girl From Abusive Father
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A 14-year-old girl has been rescued from her father who inserted his finger into her private part to check for virginity in Enugu.

Activist Prince Gwamnishu rescued the girl from her abusive father and has reunited her with her mother.

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He said the man lubricated his finger and inserted it into her private part in a bid to check his daughter’s virginity.

He made this known on social media, saying: “Today, we handed over Ifeoma to her mother.

“Her father who is an expert in checking virginity, lubricated his fingers and inserted into her daughter’s private part and caused her bleeding. She ran away and confided in us and we quickly reported the case to the Police.

“The father refused to honour police invitation when called by the DPO. #Arrest

“Protect your children with your life. Paedophiles are near you waiting to strike. #SpeakUp”