Nigeria stock market news
The Nigeria Stock Exchange in Lagos

The Nigeria stock market lost N61.67bn in January, 2019, according to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

Concise News understands that the foreign and domestic investors pulled out N39.04bn and N22.63bn respectively from the Nigeria stock market.

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Further report indicate that N60.42bn was also injected into the market in the same period under review.

According to the NSE, this was due to the general elections as developed countries showed much interest in the polls.

A further look into the NSE statement indicates that in January, 2018, foreign investors pulled out N642.65bn from the stock market last year.

This is in contrast to the N435.31bn withdrawn in 2017 with the transactions at the nation’s bourse dropping by three per cent to N122.08bn (about $398.8m) in January from N125.86bn in December 2018.

“In January 2019, the total value of transactions executed by foreign investors outperformed those executed by domestic investors by 10 per cent,” the NSE added.

“A further analysis of the transactions executed in the current and prior month (December 2018) revealed that total foreign transactions increased by 11.27 per cent from N60.08bn in December 2018 to N66.85bn in January 2019.”

It noted that, “A comparison of the current and prior month (December 2018) transactions revealed that the total retail transactions increased by 6.27 per cent from N27.91bn in December 2018 to N29.66bn in January 2019.

“The institutional composition of the domestic market reduced significantly by 32.45 per cent from N37.87bn in December 2018 to N25.58bn in January 2019.

“This indicates higher participation by retail investors’ over their institutional counterparts in January 2019.”