Full Transcript Of What Emery Said At Post-Europa League Press Conference. (photo credit: Arsenal FC)
Full Transcript Of What Emery Said At Post-Europa League Press Conference. (photo credit: Arsenal FC)

There were plenty of questions to respond to for Unai Emery following Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat in Rennes in the Europa League first leg on Thursday night.

Concise News reports that from red card discussion to his tactical selections and use of substitutions, it all came up in Emery‘s post-match press conference.

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He says:

Arsenal being in control until the red card…

Yes, more than we wanted. The first 40 minutes I think we controlled, we scored and we didn’t concede good chances to them. But after this red card, it’s different. It’s more than we wanted and I think we can do better.

But the result is for the first match and for the first 90 minutes. 3-1 is hard for us, but we are going to start the next match, next week with 11 against 11 and with the same respect we have had in the first half, the first 40 minutes.

We are going to do that at home against them. But we need to also change our performance and I have the confidence with our players, with our supporters helping us to create one big atmosphere to give us a good spirit against them to comeback.

Clarification on un-used Maitland-Niles…

Because we only had three changes and we needed to decide what were these changes. Micki, I think, is playing well. If he was not playing well then maybe we could think to do this change.

His thoughts on Sokratis’ red card…

I think we changed more than we want, but a red card can come. Two yellow cards and it’s the referee’s decision.

After, I think we must learn to play – when it’s coming like today – with one less player on the pitch. Not a good experience today, because we couldn’t do our work in difficult moments, in difficult minutes, with one less player, as we wanted.

I think we can do better. I am positive in the first 40 minutes because I think, with respect to them, we imposed our gameplay in these moments. We can maybe score a second goal because we deserved to, but after it is really very different in the match.

I cannot say to Sokratis because he has a very good commitment, he has very good behaviour and he received two yellow cards in two actions of playing.

But we are going to think, for the next week, we are going to start 11 against 11, without Sokratis and without Lacazette, but we have players. Like the first 40 minutes, we can do it with our supporters also, to have the possibility to come back. But we know this result is not good.

It is bad and it is going to be tough for us. But we need to do with focus and with our players, this possibility to come back.

On Lacazette, Torreira and Sokratis all being sent off in recent weeks and if that suggests a discipline issue…

No. I think it’s not easy.

On if he’s not concerned by three red cards in quick succession…

We can analyse these three red cards individually.