'Voting In Nigeria Is Useless, Biafra Is Near', Says IPOB
Pro-Biafra agitators.

The proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra has condemned the just concluded Presidential election that was held February 23 2019, described it as “shambolic, rigging fest”.

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According to a statement issued by the Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful in Awka, the Anambra State capital, on Sunday, he said the sovereign state of Biafra would soon be actualised.

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“The Indigenous People of Biafra and its leadership wish to reaffirm our position clear to all and sundry in Nigeria and beyond that Biafra freedom and sovereignty is non-negotiable regardless of the political permutations in Nigeria.”

Saying that the group had been vindicated by the presidential election in the country, the statement added, “Voting in Nigeria is useless. We have been vindicated by the result of the shambolic, rigging fest they call elections.

“The unacceptable levels of humiliation, intimidation, killing, announcement of fake results, coupled with sponsored propaganda against our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and the entire peaceful movement, cannot stop our total resolve to restore Biafra sovereignty in the shortest possible time.

“Only a moron and worker of iniquity will pretend not to know what transpired in the colonial contraption called Nigeria during the recently concluded presidential election. Using the military, police and armed thugs to rig in favour of the ruling APC was clear for all to see.

“That the result has been sanctioned by some weak-minded apathetic Nigerians as well as the Fulani-loving British colonial masters, despite the horrors of those elections, is proof if one is needed, that the poor masses of Nigeria are like tormented caged animals stripped of every dignity and lacking in courage.” He concluded.