Like Carl Ikeme, Roman Reigns In Remission! Reveals WWE Plans/
Like Carl Ikeme, Roman Reigns In Remission! Reveals WWE Plans/

WWE star Roman Reigns has revealed he is in remission from leukaemia, four months after giving up his Universal Championship title.

Concise News reports that The Big Dog was forced to step back from wrestling in October 2018 when the disease came back 11 years after he first beat it.

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Carl Ikeme Leukemia
Carl Ikeme is currently treating Leukemia. Photo: Instagram

Recall in June 2018, former Super Eagles goalkeeper Carl Ikeme also announced that he was in remission after battling the horrible disease, leukaemia, for almost a year.

But this week, Reigns, four-time world champion, returned to the ring, telling fans “the big dog is back” in an emotional speech at a WWE event.

“The good news is, I’m in remission y’all,” Reigns told the audience.

Reigns, whose real name is Joe Anoa’i, said he was “scared” and “insecure” about telling his fans about his diagnosis, but says that supporters gave him strength during his recovery.

‘Fan support gave me strength’

“I’m a man of faith. I’ve always believed in God I’ve always believed he’s favoured me and looked out for me but I’m not going to lie, before my announcement in October I was terrified,” he said.

“That overwhelming support you gave me, it gave me strength, it gave me life and it gave me a new purpose.”

He said he now plans to use his status as a WWE star to raise awareness for others.

“I’m going to use it to support those who are in need just like I was,” he promised.

When he first spoke about the illness on 23 October 2018, he promised fans he would be “coming back home.”

The former Shield star said at that time, “After I’m done whooping leukaemia’s a*s once again, I’m coming back home.

“I want to show my family, my friends, my children and my wife that when life throws a curveball at me, I am the type of man that will stand in that batter’s box, I will crowd the plate, I will choke up and I will swing for the fences every single time!”