atiku-buhari, Isaiah Wealth election
Atiku and Buhari at the signing of the Peace Accord/Nairaland

The Pastor of Gospel Pillars, Isaiah Wealth, has urged whoever is elected during the 2019 presidential election to change Nigeria for good.

Wealth revealed that the country’s major challenge is that demand for things is higher than supply.

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In a letter to the undecided president-elect, the cleric said Nigerians cannot afford another four years of setbacks.

“Majority of Nigerians have demonstrated their trust in you and in your ability to change the nation for the better by electing you into the office of the President for this term 2019–2023, which are four determining years for our nation,” he said.

“They are years that will determine our fate; whether we will experience the development and rapid growth that we all envisage and anticipate or remain in this deplorable state or even deteriorate.”

According to him, he was in “prayers about eight years ago, the LORD promised me that when Nigeria is 60, it would begin to enjoy rapid development, just like Isaiah 60.

“Jerusalem, stand up! Shine! Your new day is dawning. The glory of the LORD shines brightly on you.”

In addition, he revealed that he “woke up three weeks ago from a vision, with the voice of the Lord speaking to me.

“Take note that I am not an Economist, neither am I a politician. But as a prophet of God, I only speak what I have heard and seen.

“And what the Lord spoke to me is a simple summary that brings to the fingertips what we need to focus on as a nation.

“He said to me, demand and supply affect price. When demand is excess of supply, prices go up.

“Although this sounds like a simple economic theory, yet pay attention to what He said next.

“Then He said to me, when demand is in excess of supply, it leads to shortage. Shortage leads to desperation, and desperation in turn leads to corruption and inflation. The final result is poverty.”