How To Stay Safe On A Valentine’s Date IMAGE CREDIT: The September Standard
How To Stay Safe On A Valentine’s Date
IMAGE CREDIT: The September Standard

Valentine’s Day is all sweetness and delight, but like at all times, one needs to be safe.

The public – especially women – need to be given safety tips they can observe before leaving the house to go on a date.

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Concise News is taking advantage of this occasion to give safety tips to the public.

Below are 10 safety tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day:

  1. Don’t announce your plans on social media—First things first, don’t share your dinner reservation, movie plans or anything else that could be used to identify your home as vacant. Sharing this information is just revealing that you won’t be home, making your home an easier target for burglars.
  2. Wait to post pictures—The temptation to post pictures of the great food at Awoof Berekete, the beautiful restaurant and the romantic scenery can be great but resist until after the date. Just like announcing your plans, the pictures will show that you are not currently at home. Special Valentine’s Day tip: Your partner may not be pleased if you are on your phone either.
  3. Light it up—A great easy way to deter burglars is by making it appear that your home is occupied. That begins by turning the lights on. If your home is equipped with timers or automation features, sync them with your normal routine.
  4. Limit cash – Valentine’s Day is a busy and often chaotic evening. You could lose your wallet or purse or even be the victim of a pickpocket. Protect yourself by limiting the amount of cash you carry around.
  5. Lock doors and windows—Avoiding social media does not automatically mean your home is safe. It may seem simple but make sure that you have locked all doors, windows, including those upstairs.
  6. Keep valuables in front of you—Okay, you had to bring the purse to complete your outfit. That’s fine, just remember to always keep it in front of you at all times. Always zip it fully closed if you can. Guys, same goes for you. Put your wallet in your front pocket. It’s easier for someone to grab it without you noticing if it’s in your back pocket.
  7. Walk in well-lit, trafficked areas—It’s undoubtedly romantic to end your date on a walk where it’s just you, your partner and silence. However, it also leaves you vulnerable to a waiting burglar. We are not suggesting you head to a crowded shopping mall, just make sure there are others around who could help.
  8. Keep flammable objects away from fires—Cuddling by the fire to end the night is awesome. What’s disastrous is if your blanket catches on fire because it’s too close. There is no quicker way to ruin a romantic atmosphere than having things go up in flames.
  9. Ask a trusted person to take care of your home—If one night out on the town isn’t enough and you’ve planned a romantic getaway, ask someone you trust—like your blood relation or a neighbour—to look after your home. Instruct them to pick up your messages, water the plants or anything else to make it appear that you are still there.
  10. Turn off the oven, put out the candles and fires—If the crowds are not your cup of tea and you have a lovely night planned, be careful. Don’t leave anything on—oven, lit candles, etc.—when you leave the room or go to bed for the night.