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Pro-Biafra agitators.

The Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) has accused the Nigerian Army of carrying out a genocide against the South East.

This allegation came in a statement from IPOB on Tuesday where it accused the Army of shooting two people dead in Owerri, Imo State.

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According to the statement, the persons were killed on Monday with several others abducted by the Army.

“The Nigerian Army is at it again. Nigerian Army is conducting a stealth genocidal war against Biafrans and it is the responsibility of the world to take note,” the statement added.

“Yesterday, they shot dead two young men in Owerri. Last night and this morning they have commenced their abduction of Biafrans in Aba.

“Biafrans are now the longest suffering race in human history.

“One day the anger will no longer be controllable and the world will wake up then to start pontificating.”

It added that “We have been made to feel that a Biafran life is worthless. Let these facts be chronicled for posterity because we shall reference them at the appropriate time. Any day we start, let the world not blame us.

“Those that gave the Nigerian army license to kill our people will regret and face the consequences of their action with their families.

“Nigerian Army must release those they abducted including a husband and wife they kidnapped this morning.

“Our decision to boycott elections is an act of civil disobedience which any reasonable person ought to understand.

“That Nigeria is an uncivilized backward society is not the fault of IPOB.

“We have chosen a civilized-violent approach but it appears Fulani Caliphate, their Jihadi Nigerian Army and Igbo Efulefus are hell-bent on provoking us to pick up arms.

“When that eventually happens, the world should know those to hold responsible.”

The Nigerian Army has not yet responded to the allegations by the pro-Biafra group.

Concise News, in another Biafra news, had reported that the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu had called on Igbos to boycott the 2019 elections.

Kanu is in London as part of plans to carry out a referendum in Igboland during the 2019 presidential election billed for February 16th.