Manchester United Vs PSG: 'No Stopping Mbappe' PHOTO CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES
Saha warns Manchester United about his countryman
The Ligue 1 champions have the advantage heading into the Champions League last-16 tie, according to ex-France forward, Louis Saha.

Concise News reports that the former Manchester United striker has warned his old side that they face an attacking force “who cannot be stopped” in Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer takes charge of his first Champions League match since taking over as interim manager against the French giants at Old Trafford on Tuesday.

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PSG have been dealt a series of injury blows in the build-up to the last-16 tie, with Neymar, Edinson Cavani and Thomas Meunier confirmed to miss the first leg. The dependable Marco Verratti too is short of full fitness.

However, Saha thinks having World Cup winner Mbappe in Thomas Tuchel’s side gives them an advantage.

“Paris Saint-Germain is slightly ahead because they kept progressing,” he tells Omnisport. “They have a player like Mbappe who cannot be stopped.”

“Man United is a great club with quality players. Paris Saint-Germain is solid because the head coach brought more stability between defence and attack.

“The coach can easily switch his system, he’s very clever and has great communication. He has great coaching staff able to identify the opponent’s philosophy. We saw him changing his system several times during a game.

“The team has evolved a lot. They haven’t taken it to the next level in the Champions League, those few steps left to reach the final. They lacked those elements: the right information, atmosphere, balance, reaction to what cannot be predicted. The coach needs to deal with it, giving the right space and confidence to the players while keeping his defence ready. It’s a balance to reach that is different in Champions League to the league.”

PSG was considered heavy favourites when the draw was made in early December, but their problems with injuries, coupled with United’s resurgence under Solskjaer, suggests the tie could be close.

Saha feels United are capable of winning the Champions League PHOTO SOURCE: Wikipedia
Saha feels United are capable of winning the Champions League PHOTO SOURCE: Wikipedia

In fact, Saha thinks United should not be ruled out from challenging for the Champions League trophy this term, even if they sit fourth in the Premier League table and are not considered championship title challengers.

“The Champions League is a different world,” stresses Saha – himself a Champions League winner. “We’ve seen it with Liverpool and others. Some were not the best in the league and, once in the Champions League, the cohesion rises. It is not the same.

“It is not going to about the one who plays a solid game; that’s not enough in the Champions League. It’s about the players able to play freely, to deal with the transitions and with the pressure of the last minutes of the game.

“You have to deal with pressure, ego and confidence. Some attack or defend too much (in the final few minutes). It is a coaching thing. Zinedine Zidane won Champions Leagues and showed us how to do it. We just hope now that Ole does the same.”