Senator Amy Klobuchar Set To Join 2020 White House Race

Democrat Amy Klobuchar was expected Sunday to join the 2020 White House race, adding a pragmatic voice from the heartland state of Minnesota to an ever-growing field of contenders hoping to unseat President Donald Trump.

The senator’s website promised “a big announcement,” to be made at an outdoor rally in a park along the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis, reports AFP.

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There was little mystery about its contents: Klobuchar, 58, has been visibly building a national profile and fleshing out a campaign team as she works to stand out in an increasingly crowded Democratic field.

Her Midwestern roots could help, particularly given her proven popularity among voters in Trump-friendly heartland states that will prove crucial to Democrats’ hopes in 2020.

Klobuchar, who was easily re-elected to a third Senate term in November, has never lost an election, boosted by an unpretentious demeanor and her roots in a region that prides itself on grassroots honesty and an ethic of hard work.

At odds with that image, her own work ethic has emerged as a focus of criticism in recent days. Several former aides have been quoted saying she is difficult to work for, with bouts of “explosive rage” leading to exceptionally high staff turnover.

Her defenders say she is simply someone who demands excellence, and that the allegations against her would not be made against a man.