Nigeria police
Armed Police

Two female members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) have been stripped of their pants by hoodlums at gun point.

The incident took place at Ezillo in Ishielu council on their way to Abakaliki in Ebonyi State with their phones also collected and smashed by the hoodlums.

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Concise News understands that the incident took place earlier in the week with the police warning people to be wary of where they visit.

Further reports noted that one of the corps member was on her period, and her underwear, stained with blood, was collected together with her pad.

This was confirmed by the spokesman of the police in the state, Loveth Odah

According to Odah, “On 5th of February, 2019, female corps members reported to Divisional Headquarters in Ohaukwu council area to report that on their way coming from Ezillo in Ishielu council area to Abakaliki, a jeep stopped in front of them and asked them to pay N200 each to be conveyed to Abakaliki.”

“On reaching 135 Junction, at Ezzamgbo, the men diverted to another direction and told them that they wanted to pick something from a teacher at St. Michael Secondary School, Ezzamgbo.

“When they got to Oshiegbe community, at the boundary area between Ohaukwu and Ezza North council areas, the driver stopped and came down.

“He told them that he wanted to ease himself. He immediately went to the back door, opened the door and pointed a gun at them; ordering them to come down and give them all their cloths including their pants.

“While narrating their experience, the spokesman noted that one of the corps members burst into tears when she reported that she was in her period.

Speaking further she said: “They collected their pants and her sanitary pad and drove off. Before driving off, they collected their phones and smashed them on the spot.

“We also learnt that when they meet women who are not wearing pants, they give them pants and force them to wear them for about five minutes before taking them away from their victims.”