Swine flu death toll rises in Indian as 226 lives were reported today as the H1N1 virus keeps spreading.

Concise News gathers from an official source that over 6,700 people have also been infected with the disease and are undergoing treatment.

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It is said that the situation is quite alarming compared to 2018, as 798 cases and 68 deaths were reported during the corresponding period of 2018.

“The majority of the deaths and infected cases have been reported from the states of Rajasthan and Haryana, and Delhi,’’ official sources added.

While 2,363 cases and 85 deaths were reported from Rajasthan, Delhi reported 1,011 cases, and around 43 deaths and 900 cases were reported from Haryana.

The sharpest spike was in last week ending Sunday which reported as many as 2,101 of the total cases.

Rajasthan state alone confirmed 507 cases and 49 deaths in the particular week, followed by Delhi with 456 cases.

Sensing the enormity of the spread of the disease, all the states have been advised to complete the procurement of required logistics for managing seasonal influenza.

However, during crisis in states, the government of India is supplying logistics like drugs and face masks.

“The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has recommended vaccination for health care workers and other priority groups.

“The guidelines for influenza vaccination have been shared with all the states,’’ it added.