Daddy Freeze Goes Missing
Daddy Freeze. Photo credit: Instagram.

Controversial Cool FM OAP Daddy Freeze who is known for always lashing out at Pastors, has allegedly gone missing on Instagram.

Searching for his account “@daddyfreeze,” the social media platform brought no result. The only results found are parody accounts as well as his backup account.

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Daddy Freeze is however still active on Twitter and YouTube. This leads to speculations that his Instagram account got deleted by him or has been hacked again.

Many of his followers have wondered why the leader of the Free The Sheeple Movement is missing on the platform where he airs his views against what he calls the rot in today’s churches.

However, later on Thursday, the OAP personality took to his backup account to make it known that his original account has indeed been hacked and deleted on the social media platform.

As his now his norm, Freeze blamed his missing accounts on pastors, saying that they are so ‘carnal’ and are out to bring him down by all means.

Daddy freeze uploaded an image with the writing, “Why are they so carnal? What are they afraid of? Why can’t they leave me to God? Because their god is their belly”

He captioned it, “We have definitely disturbed their business formula and disrupted their earnings, their god who is in their belly has been disgraced and they are raging.

“If not, why are they so desperate to shut me up?

“Even if they close all my social media accounts down and close down all the accounts of all #FreeNation members they still cannot mute a conversation that is already gaining momentum.”