Emiliano Sala Was 'Forced' On Board, Friend Reveals
Sala speaks from missing plane(Image courtsey getty)

There has been controversy and sudden update around the missing of Argentine international, as one of his friend claimed the former Nantes was ‘forced’ to board the plane.

According to a report by America Noticias, said Maximiliano Duarte Sala’s friend claimed the new Cardiff signing didn’t want to get on the plane because of the weather situation.

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“There is a guilty in this story since Emiliano didn’t want to get on that plane. That evening, I had advised him to give up, given the weather conditions”.

It could be recalled that the plane where Emiliano Sala and the pilot David Ibbotson were travelling to Cardiff from Nantes was found yesterday in the English Channel and the head of the team appointed by Sala’s family. for the researches, David Mearns said:

“The costs for the recovery of the plane are high, it is true, but what is the importance of money compared to the desire of two families to have justice? It can be useful to find clues about what happened”, he told L’Equipe.

Mearns explained that the research will continue for the next three days and then it will be decided whether to recover the aircraft, within which a body would have been identified.

Sala had agreed to join Cardiff from Nantes and Italy coach Roberto Mancini sent scouts to watch him as the striker had a double Argentinean-Italian passport and could’ve been eligible to play for the Azzurri.