Lassa Fever Is Highly Infectious - Don
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Public health physician, Dr. Gbenga Adepoju, has disclosed that Lassa fever is a highly contagious sickness, urging the general public to be cautious.

He made the disclosure in an interview with SIMON UTEBOR, stating that it is a developing disease that people contract once there is contamination with some droplets from infected rats.

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“It is highly contagious. When a person contracts the viral disease, such a person should be isolated and kept in quarantine.”He said.

Adepoju went ahead to explain the symptoms of the sickness, he said, “As I said earlier, it will start like the normal raise in body temperature, loss of appetite and tiredness. One may not go to the hospital on time thinking it is the normal malaria. Once attention is not given to it, it will graduate to bleeding from orifices.”

Speaking on the cure, the physician advised the general public to be careful and try as much as possible to prevent Lassa fever.

“We lay more emphasis on prevention. Cure is highly symptomatic as the patient is presented in the hospital. When I say the person is bleeding from the orifices, naturally, you have to transfuse – you take care of the symptoms as it is coming out – making sure that the virus get out of the system. We try to give some anti-viral drugs. Most of the times, the viral diseases will run their course. We try to make sure that it does not cause much damage.

“Like when you talk about the HIV, you know it is a viral disease. What the medicine does it to make sure it is suppressed that is why with the efforts to find cure for HIV, we have not found a definite cure for it,” he added.