Daystar, Wife Celebrate Sam Adeyemi On His Birthday (See Reactions)
Sam Adeyemi. Source: Instagram.

Pastor Mrs Nike Adeyemi celebrated and showered encomium on her husband, the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi on his birthday.

The pastor’s wife took to her twitter handle to wish her husband happy birthday, calls him my amazing lover, friend, hubby and leader.

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“Happy Birthday to my amazing lover, friend, hubby and leader. It’s my joy to see you walk in all you have envisioned from day one when it didn’t look like it. God imprinted in your heart so big a vision that would not be about you or us alone. I love you” She said.

However, many have reacted and followed the lead of Nike Adeyemi to wish the inspirational and motivational pastor a happy birthday.