What I Will Do To Anyone Who Hits My Car - Saka
Afeez Oyetoro (Saka)

Actor and lecturer, Afeez Oyetoro, popularly known as Saka has revealed that he cannot fighting anyone who damages his car.

Speaking in an interview with JOY MARCUS about his life as an actor and lecturer, he said one of the challenges he faces as a celebrity is not being at liberty to do things he would have loved to.

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According to him, he can as well not go to certain places, noting that hooligans would always be in expectation to collect cash gifts, hence, create a scene.

He said, “The most challenging thing now is that there is no longer freedom for me. I can no longer eat at any local restaurant like I would have loved to. And if anybody hits my car now, I won’t be able to fight.

“Most of the places I am supposed to go freely, I can no longer go there because of some hooligans that like to cause trouble if you don’t give them money.”

Speaking of his nature, the veteran actor said, “I am also a reserved person who can’t cope with so much people at the same time. That is why I hide myself and some people see it as being snobbish. But the fact is I am a very shy person contrary to the characters I portray in movies.”