Former Arsenal Star Thierry Henry Speaks On Leaving Monaco
Thierry Henry/

Thierry Henry the gaffer of struggling French Ligue 1 team Monaco has said he is not bothered about rumors of his sack from the club.

Monaco are just three points away from the relegation zone and were on Tuesday dumped from the Coupe de France after a 3-1 loss to Metz

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The team have only won three games this term from a total of 21 matches in the league with reports suggesting that the former Arsenal man will be sacked soon.

Concise News understands that Henry, when asked about his future with the club, has, however, noted that he is more concerned about the team’s prospects.

“My future? Owners would decide when they need to decide,” the former Barcelona man added.

“I am more worried for Monaco’s future. I already said that.

“I will repeat. No need to always ask the same question, I would answer the same thing – Atletico Madrid have been relegated in the 90s with stronger players than us.

“[Real] Zaragoza as well more recently as you know. I could talk about all the leagues.

“We are in this situation, even if it was Coupe de France and now we are out but this weekend against Dijon in Ligue 1 it’s going to be war.”