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Emeka Ojukwu/File

Kanayo Esinulo, a former media aide to the late Biafra warlord, Emeka Ojukwu, has revealed that the late leader told him to be critical in thinking.

Kanayo who was Ojukwu’s aide during the latter’s exile in Ivory Coast during the Nigeria Civil War of 1967-1970, said he told them to be truthful.

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“My mentor, the late Biafra leader, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu cannot work with you if you cannot be critical in your thinking,” Kanayo told Sun News.

“He has absolutely zero tolerance for dull and lazy thinking. For years in exile, he taught us to be truthful to ourselves and consistent in our beliefs and to be dependable allies to truth and justice.

“That is what I have stood for all my adult life, and that is why I am in the Ivory Coast today, and not in Enugu. Identify truth, say it out, defend it and stand by it.

“Exile life is ‘murky” and for the many years we were out there in exile, I never regretted our people’s decision to leave Nigeria in May 1967, and the roles I played in the struggle. Very few people know the role I played in Emeka’s homecoming.”

He added: “I saw him as a leader in the original sense. For instance, when he submitted my name for scholarship to a Catholic institution based in Italy in 1975, and the body said the submission was coming too late for that year, Emeka forwarded our names, my name to The Netherlands branch of the World Council of Churches.

“I was called the next week by Rev. Hoffmann and Mrs H.M.C Blersch to go to the Netherlands Embassy nearest to me, feel out the necessary visa forms and pick up my visa few days later.

“It was like a dream, but I knew, at once, that Emeka, has, as usual, pulled all the strings. That’s a leader for me.

“And he did the same for many of us who sacrificed to stay and suffer with him in exile, and who wanted to further their education. He cared and good leaders care.”