Why I Flaunt My Body - Nkechi Blessing
Nkechi Blessing

Voluptuous and sexy Igbo actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday said showing off her body is a way of appreciating God for her creation.

She made this known in a recent chat with Potpourri, adding that as much as she loved to flaunt her sex appeal, its always not intended.

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The Nollywood actress came into limelight after her successful film, “Omoge Lekki” where she was given a roll to seduce a lecturer, ever since, she has firmly established herself as one of the brightest actresses in the Yoruba sector.

She said,  “It’s interesting, I like to show off what I have got. It’s not always intentional though. Whenever I flaunt my sex appeal it is my way of appreciating the work of God, the way he created me. My being able to act has gotten me more roles than my sex appeal.

“Though I was featured in Ikatobase and Omoge Lekki because of my sex appeal. In the movie Ikatobase, I had to seduce a lecturer because of my sex appeal.”

The actress of Igbo origin has featured in movies like “Okunkun,” “Eja nla,” and “Aruga” and many more.

The Abia State-born actress has many awards to her name and her recent films include “Omo Ologodidan,” “Bad Market” and others.