Kizz Daniel And Ex-Manager, What Really Happened
Tunmi Lawrence & Kizz Daniel

A source on the condition of anonymity has revealed that Tunmi Lawrence intentionally quitted his Job as Kizz Daniel‘s manager.

Following widespread reports that Kizz Daniel sacked his manager barely two weeks after Davido allegedly slapped and physically assaulted him at his “City of Davido” concert, many have questioned the rationale behind the sudden change in management.

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The reliable source in Kizz’s camp who spoke to Potpourri has come out to clear the air on the matter.

“The reports gone viral online that Kizz Daniel fired his manager, Tumi Lawrence, is false. How could he have sacked him; Kizz cannot even come out to say that he sacked Tumi because he willingly resigned as Kizz’s manager.

“The new lady parading herself as Kizz’s new manager was actually brought in by Tumi to handle publishing, but she began usurping everything. Then Kizz decided that she becomes his new manager while Tumi will still be handling bookings which didn’t go down well with him. He eventually decided to quit because he couldn’t take it. He felt cheated, slighted and disrespected, so he voluntarily resigned”, the source said.

Another close ally in the singer’s camp said the “Jombo” crooner is obsessed with gaining international recognition, which is why he let Tumi off the hook when he decided to quit.

“I really don’t understand Kizz anymore, but I think he is obsessed with the need to gain international recognition, if not, why would you just bring someone else on the team when you still have a substantive manager who has done everything to promote your brand beyond imagination? And trust me; Kizz would not say anything about all this because that’s his style.

“Have you wondered why he hasn’t personally said anything about all this since? He knows what he is doing.”

Amidst this, Kizz Daniel has remained radio silent on the matter, but his new management, led by one Rebecca Junaid has released an official statement stating that Flyboi INC and Kizz Daniel are now under new management.