Ada Slim and her husband

Nigerian filmmaker Ada Slim has said marriage is an “achievement”, revealing that she got married to the most “perfect man on earth”.

The US-based actress, who would be 34-year-old later this year, said: “as Alexx Ekubo say make we dey talk our truth in 2019, Oya here is my most profound and vulnerable public post ever. 2018 I got married in full to the most perfect man on earth.

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“YES marriage is an achievement for me! I set my alarm clock for yr 28th bt God’s time is the best, desperately waiting for extra 5yrs was somewhat overwhelming.

“Not 100% fulfilled but I still feel lucky & blessed; Better half-caste like me” She wrote.

She, however, advised ladies not to waste time before settling down, adding that from age 30, it is risky for a lady to find a man.

“For my under 20s who set their alarm clock for 28/29, pls move it backwards oh….don’t repeat my mistake cos….husband is not like money in the bank that you withdraw at Will, once you clock 30+ odikwa very very risky ooh.

“Those eggs don’t wait for no slayer; consider dating time, wedding planning time, pregnancy time….you might be fast approaching 35 b4 having ur 1st child….May 2019 I will be 34, U see…hopefully, my 1st child b4 I’m 35.”