Man City vs Liverpool: Why My Team Lost Game - Jurgen Klopp
Leroy Sane. Getty Images

Liverpool lost 2-1 to Manchester City in a Premier League clash on Wednesday due to ill-luck, according to manager Jurgen Klopp.

A Leroy  Sane and Sergio Aguero strike were enough for City to break Liverpool’s unbeaten record this term.’

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Speaking after the clash, Klopp said “It was big pressure on the game.

“Very intense and we were unlucky in our finishing moments. A bit more unlucky than City. That was one of the main differences.

“They had periods where they dominated but we came back and had big

“We had Mo with a big save from Ederson and Gini from a set-piece.

“You have to score in those moments. If you think of the goal Aguero scored there is no angle. Nice goal.

“In a similar situation, we didn’t score. But everyone can see why we have the points we have. We made it really difficult.

“I’ve said to the boys it’s completely okay. We could have drawn, we could have won. We lost but it is not the biggest problem.”