Carlos Ghosn

Former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn will appear in a Japanese court next Tuesday to hear the reasons for his detention.

The once-revered auto tycoon was arrested on his private jet at a Tokyo airport on November 19 on allegations of aggravated breach of trust and later released.

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He was then re-arrested over these allegations on December 21, dashing his hopes of being home for Christmas.

The Tokyo District Court said his hearing would start at 10:30 am (0130 GMT) in its courtroom, with Ghosn expected to appear.

“Mr Ghosn today submitted a request for the disclosure of the reasons for his detention,” the court said.

Article 34 of Japan’s Constitution stipulates that “no person shall be arrested or detained without being at once informed of the charges against him or without the immediate privilege of counsel.”

“Nor shall he be detained without adequate cause; and upon demand of any person such cause must be immediately shown in open court in his presence and the presence of his counsel,” it says.

Ghosn is spending the beginning of 2019 in detention after the court on New Year’s Eve extended his detention through to January 11.