Boko Haram Not Better Equipped – Army
Nigerian Army

The Nigerian Army says Boko Haram fighters are not better equipped than Nigerian soldiers.

A statement made available to the press by the Army spokesman, Brigadier-General Sani Kukasheka Usman said the news was only propaganda and psychological warfare against troops.

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Usman said military issues are not all comers’ affairs and lamented that the ongoing counter-terrorism operations were being trivialised and politicised for selfish reasons.

“Unfortunately, the psychological attacks are not being waged against the Nigerian army by the Boko Haram terrorists alone, but also by some misguided elements both within and out of the country.”

Usman noted that most of the false allegations being levelled against the army were based on selfish and mostly political reasons by unpatriotic elements.

“In spite of extant rules, these groups of persons discuss highly classified military issues which they are mostly ignorant about on various media platforms.

“Indeed, those who should know better are the ones perpetrating these acts.

“The psychological effects of spreading misinformation and fake news are grievous and inimical to national security and should not be allowed to continue.”

Usman said that conduct prejudicial to military discipline and cowardice as being exhibited by few misguided soldiers should not be misconstrued as a failure on the part of the military or the government.

He said military equipment and welfare were known issues in the Nigerian army but that when such problems were observed, “appropriate steps are taken to remedy them.”