Shehu Sani, Niger Delta, #2019Budget #Budget2019, Crude Oil
Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani (PRP-Kaduna Central) on Monday said Northern Nigeria is in extreme poverty due to its neglect of agriculture and over-dependence on oil.

In a post on his Facebook page, the lawmaker noted that abandoning the economic vision and legacies of Ahmadu Bello was part of many other reasons the region was poor.

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Shehu Sani said: “Decadence and collapse of public education; Fatalism; Septic extremism and toxic inter-ethnic violence;

“Abandoning the moral and ethical standards and economic vision and legacies of Ahmadu Bello; Culpability of successive Northern leaders in power; entrenched Handouts culture;

“Pliant attitudinal incumbrance of refusing to challenge leaders and hold them to account or the Slavery of loyalty or inimical subservience;

“Decades of systemic marginalization, emasculation and oppression and Institutional contempt for the poor by the regional elites.”