Mourinho Caused My Problems In Real Madrid, Kaka Opens Up
Kaka won the 2007 Ballon d’Or/Brila FM

Former Brazil and Real Madrid star Kaka has said Jose Mourinho was part of the reasons he did not play so well at the Spanish side.

Kaka also attributed his disappointing spell at the side to injuries after his move from AC Milan 2009 in a deal valued at 59.5 million pounds.

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The 2007 Ballon d’Or winner could not replicate his form in Italy in Real Madrid due to rivalry with Mesut Ozil.

And speaking about his time in Real, the Brazilian told SporTV “The problem in Madrid was continuity.

“First, it was because of the injuries. The first year I had a hip problem. I pushed to reach the World Cup and then I had an adductor injury.

“After the Cup I have a knee operation and I’m out for six months. And when I return I have Mourinho. My problem in Madrid was continuity.

“First for the physical issue and then for the choice of the coach. I spent three years trying to convince Mourinho that he could give me opportunities.

“But it was his choice, it was beyond my reach.”

According to him, “There is no problem between us. I was in Manchester for a sponsorship gig and I stayed at the hotel where Mourinho lived and we talked for two hours.

“At some point we had a misunderstanding because I believed that I had to play and he believed that I did not. But they were respectful disagreements.

“I never rebelled and told him ‘I’m leaving here’, nor did I go before the press to complain.

“I told him: ‘It’s your choice, but I think you could have other options because I think I should have a chance to play. Now, you must choose.’

“He had no arguments. He told me he was not going to play me because the position was for Ozil. I thought I could contribute.”

He added that “Mourinho is really what you see in the cameras. He has his explosive moments, but he’s a very smart guy.

“What people see at press conferences is all prepared and planned and knows exactly what they are going to say.

“The problem I had with him was because of his choices. I thought he was wrong. But the team worked. We won a league and we reached the Champions League semi-finals.”