AY Discloses Wife's Deeds When He Had Nothing
AY and wife. Source: Peoples Post Media

Comedian AY has corrected the impression of a fan, after asking him if his wife, Mabel would have married him if he had nothing.

“Bros AY please will this lady marry you? if weren’t at the height you are now?” The fan with the Twitter handle @slim_kixx asked.

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AY who has been married to Mabel for 10 years responded that she has been with him as far back as 15 years ago when he was broke.

The comedian went ahead to say that Mabel was a major source of support and inspiration to him who would go as far as helping him out financially.

He wrote, “She started dating me 15 years ago. When owu was world cup in my life. She use to even dash me money self. So no think am as u imagine am”