Fake News, Hate Speech Are Big Threats To 2019 Polls - Lai Mohammed
Lai Mohammed.

The Minister of Information Lai Mohammed has said Senate President Saraki is a desperate political warlord trying to play down the offa bank robbery in Kwara.

Daredevil armed robbers had struck and killed over 20 persons while robbing some commercial banks.

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Following the arrest of suspects involved in the robbery, some of them confessed to being a loyalist of Saraki.

However, the Senate President denied any connection with the suspects, accusing the police of try to frame him up.

Saraki had recently in a radio programme mentioned that he donated N10 million to Offa when he paid a condolence visit to him after the heist.

Speaking on Saturday in Offa, the Minister of Information said a certain warlord had boasted of giving N10 million to the community, asking if the individual also brought back to life those who were killed.

Mohammed said: “In recent days, there have been attempts by some political desperadoes to trivialize the calamity that befell this community when those armed robbers attacked banks and the police station, among others.

“These desperadoes were quoted as saying that when they visited this town to commiserate with the people after the attack, they donated 10 million naira even when what was stolen from the banks’ vault was 7 million naira.

“Now, let us ask them; how many of those who were killed in that attack have they also been able to bring back? How can any sane person equate human life with money?

“No amount of money is worth any human life. And no one should play politics with human life. All people of conscience must condemn this glib comment by a desperate political warlord.”