Adewale Ayuba

Veteran Fuji artiste, Adewale Ayuba, has urged fellow musicians to make meaningful music and include positive moral content in their songs, noting that they are “like the pastors or imams”.

Ayuba said negative music content is capable of derailing the youths and encouraging all manner of social vices.

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His words: “I want musicians to reconsider their content; we are all like the pastors or imams,” Ayuba told NAN on Friday.

“We should make sure our music conveys good morals for the listeners to imbibe.

“Musicians should bear in mind that most people take us as their role models; so, we should lay good examples for them to emulate.”

The veteran Fuji artiste said music is supposed to edify the spirit and soul, not to corrupt individuals.

Ayuba advised musicians to tone down on the use of vulgar languages and obscene videos in their works.

“Music is meant to edify the spirit and the soul,” the Fuji star said.

“We should also try as much as possible to avoid projecting obscene views in our musical videos because what people see lingers longer in their memories.

He said his musical libraries would go digital in 2019 to enable his fans listen to his lyrics and watch the video clips of his music through different social media.

“Next year will be great for my fans because they will be able to access my music on different social media platforms,” he said.

“Some of my past music, which cannot be accessed on social media platforms, will be made available next year.”