TStv. Picture:: Twitter.

TSTV says they were faced with many challenges upon launching the Satellite network in 2017 but have overcome the challenges and ready to commence proper operation soon.

The Chief Operating Officer of TSTV, Benjamin Zidah said the company did massive overhauling of staff to bring in professionals in the field to drive the company through the turbulent storm.

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Addressing journalists in Abuja, Zidah said TSTV which is an indigenous brand is currently transmitting over 50 channels for free, and currently reviewing and optimizing the channels as well as creating a distribution network for easy accessibility of their product.

“TSTV has not forgotten her promises to Nigerian, neither have we abandoned them. In our bid to serve our customers better, we have recruited seasoned and experienced talents and veterans who have occupied similar roles and capacities in the paytv industry in Nigeria to manage TSTV.

“In line with our promise to Nigerians, we have entered into fresh and strategic relationships with reputable international brands with the aim to supply us with premium and uninterrupted transmission and content.

He said the company had entered into partnership with Azercosmos which is an open Joint Stock Company to improve their content offering.

“One of such partnership is with Azercosmos. Azercosmos is an Open Joint Stock Company and a satellite operator based in Azerbaijan, and the first satellite operator in the Caucasus region. It is entirely owned by the government of Azerbaijan.

“Furthermore, we have entered into partnerships to improve our content offering. We are also in various advance talks with other international content providers to acquire more premium content and channels”, Zidah said.

“Our subscription model will be on a pay as you watch basis for all available channels charged on an hourly rate. We currently run on a single bouquet and all the channels on this bouquet will be available for this hourly rate”, he added.